2021 Da Vinci Best Seller CD



  • Les jeux d’eaux à la Villa d’Este, S. 163/4
  • St François d’Assise: la prédication aux oiseaux, S. 175/1
  • Invocation, S. 173/1
  • Funérailles, S. 173/7
  • Vallée d’Obermann, S. 160/6


Corrierebit, May 2022

CD Review – Cesare Guzzardella

Amadeus Magazine, April 2022


CD Review – Letizia Michielon

“Precious values thus emerge in Lisztian writing, enhanced in its complexity thanks to an analytical and lucid gaze.”

Musica Magazine, November 2021


CD Review – Luca Segalla

“A lunar sheen hovers over Ingrid Carbone’s Liszt.”

Audiophile Sound, September 2021

CD Review – Claudio Centemeri

Artistic judgment: excelent

Technical judgment: good

MusicVoice, July 2021

CD Review – Andrea Bedetti

Artistic 4,5/5
Technical 4/5

«Ingrid Carbone performs with participation, dosing the tone of the Steinway used and translating it into a continuous search for crystallinity, to be understood as an expression of purity, transparency, immaculate vision that is released in the ears of the listener».

«Ingrid Carbone’s pianism moves, now with passion, now with consternation, between bewilderment and pseudo-will to power».

Pizzicato, July 2021


CD Review – Remy Franck

“Superb Liszt-interpretation”

“Italian pianist Ingrid Carbone plays Liszt with a clear head, finely regulated dynamics, admirably colorful touch and plenty of poetic vision.The music is thus a very serious matter for her, requiring the utmost clarity and transparency in the tonal language, but she allows moods and changes of mood to flow in with great sensitivity. So, the well-shaped interpretations are neither sentimental nor undercooled, but of a remarkable emotional justness.The sound recording is clear and pleasant.”

Tokyo M-Plus, July 2021

Japanese distributor Tokyo M-plus Co., Ltd. has officially released the CD in the Japanese market, accompanying it with a presentation.

Liszt is synonymous with Berman, one of her teachers, and the interpretation of this young Italian talent will be the focus of much attention


A selection of Lisztian compositions played by a talented pianist, student of Lazar Berman.

Ingrid Carbone, Italian pianist born under the guidance of Lazar Berman in Florence and Eduardo Ogando in Rome. Bechstein Artist, awarded by the New York Ibla Foundation with the “Ibla Grand Prize” for three consecutive years from 2015 to 2017, with her previous work “Schubert” (C00253) has been highly appreciated both inside and outside Italy.

In 2020 she was selected by the Conservatory of Cosenza for the ceremony of the 50th anniversary of the Alma Mater. With this album Ingrid Carbone selects works by Franz Liszt that expand her repertoire and her performances. Since Liszt is directly related to one of her teachers – Berman – the interpretation of this young and talented Italian pianist is of great interest.

Opus Klassiek, June 2021

CD Review – Aart van der Wal

«That is not a question of ‘exactly as it should be’ (that would destroy the imagination after all!), but a completely successful search for the degree of freedom that gives this music new impulses.»

 «I have carefully assured myself, the score agrees with her.»

 «This is no longer a question of just ‘playing beautifully’, but of interpreting from one’s own, carefully constructed musical vocabulary in conjunction with acquired knowledge and expertise.»


Rai Radio 3 - Piazza Verdi, October 23, 2021

Interview for the Rai Radio 3 program “Piazza Verdi”.

You can listen to Ingrid Carbone’s radio appearance from 01:01:07 on the Rai Radio 3 website.

Interview & live music: Radio Classica - Classicomania, October 20, 2021

Interview by Luca Ciammarughi.

Rai Radio 3 - Primo Movimento, October 11, 2021

Vatican Radio - Tastiere, October 11, 2021

Radio streaming of Liszt’s “Vallée d’Obermann” during the radio brodcast “Tastiere” of Vatican Radio, conducted by Pierluigi Morelli.