CD Review by Aart van der Wal in Opus Klassiek September, 2020 – “Liszt: Les harmonies de l’esprit”
September 30, 2020

After her very successful Schubert recital (discussed here), the Italian pianist Ingrid Carbone has reasserted herself with this new Liszt album as a musician who does not slavishly follow what others before her have done so often, but thanks to her imaginative playing a has managed to put his own stamp on these nine pieces. That is, it cannot be said often enough, not a matter of ‘schmier’ or playing on the superficial effect, but through often minuscule dynamic accents, highlighting a chord or sometimes even no more than a single note, a phrasing that with an eye and ear focused on plastic expressiveness, therefore reaching just a little further and allowing the balance between left and right hands to weigh in that same force field. While eyes and ears must also be focused on the architecture of the whole!

Read the full review (in deutsche) here>>

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