CD Review by Ludwig van Mechelen in Klassiek Centraal May 28th, 2020 – “Franz Schubert: L’enchantement retrouvé” and “Liszt: Les harmonies de l’esprit”
May 28, 2020

The Italian pianist Ingrid Carbone can be proud of her bronze medal ‘Global Music Awards 2020’, an outsider in the world of music awards. She merges with Franz Schubert in a completely different way than she does with Franz Liszt. Her Italian fire spices up the souls of both composers and yet Carbone remains very faithful and pure to the message. She is herself just as she is the composer she performs. It is a gift that many great talents have: empathy without imposing themselves and yet interwoven with the composer and his work. It makes the message that only geniuses can put so deeply into their work even clearer and more enjoyable, more understandable. Together they immortalize the music that will hopefully fascinate, inspire, move, inspire hope and longing for many, many generations to come. Carbone conveys these messages perfectly. Let yourself be carried away by her.

Read the full review (in deutsche) here>>

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