Four times winner at the Global Music Awards in 2020 & 2021

When I read the criteria of the Jury of the Global Music Awards, an international music competition established in California in 2011 internationally recognized as a competition in total independence from the market lines, I was very impressed:

“Global Music Awards is a merit-based competition”

“We seek emotional communication, the ability to transcend, to make the listener experience something that is new and compelling. We want to be surprised and moved by what we hear. We want to be convinced that those we honor can really move an audience”

give a good idea!

In addition, it is a competition focused on women, who have always been present among the winners of all categories.

So, being awarded at the Spring and Fall 2020 Global Music Awards competitions for my two CDs and for a live recording fills me with pride, especially because in March I was the only Italian pianist awarded, and in December I was the only one classical musician awarded for two different works.

My lastest CD, “Le Sentiment de la Nature”, has been also awarded with a silver medal for new release and music of the soul.


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