Top Ten with Luca Ciammarughi – Radio Classica

Interview for the Top Ten program of Radio Classica with Luca Ciammarughi. Ingrid Carbone's interview begins at time 31.46, during which four pieces from the CDs, "Les Harmonies de l'Esprit" and "L'enchantement retourvé", were broadcast.

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International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2021

A Family Story This story begins in Czechoslovakia and ends in Australia, also passing through Italy.From August 1940 to April 1941, the parents of my husband, Aljosa Volcic, hosted two illegal Jews without reporting them to the authorities: Jan Herman and his wife...

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Four times winner at the Global Music Awards in 2020 & 2021

When I read the criteria of the Jury of the Global Music Awards, an international music competition established in California in 2011 internationally recognized as a competition in total independence from the market lines, I was very impressed: "Global Music Awards is...

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Reviews of "Les Armonies de l'Esprit"

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Reviews of "L'Enchantement Retrouvé"

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Reviews of "Le Sentiment de la Nature"

Don’t miss the reviews about Ingrid Carbone’s second CD about Franz Liszt.