CD Review by Cesare Guzzardella in Corrierebit October 1st, 2019 – “Liszt: Les harmonies de l’esprit”
October 1, 2019

Ingrid Carbone has just been published by Da Vinci Classics. The particularly challenging layout titled “Les Harmonies de l’Esprit” is an “all Liszt” which includes as an introduction the Fantasia, quasi sonata Après un lecture du Dante, the Six Consolations, then Lieberstraum n. 3 and Légende n. 2. The pieces are then proposed in chronological order in a period from 1849 to 1863. This brings out the most mystical moment of the great composer-pianist. Recently presented in the well-known music and cultural center MaMu in Milan, Ingrid Carbone shows that she possesses all the qualities to well interpret Hungarian, overcoming every difficulty that the transcendental technique imposes. Of course, the still young age of the pianist would seem not suitable for certain repertoires, but the evolution of the technical-pianistic study of the last few decades and the preparation of many interpreters, even younger than Ingrid, leads us to read the executive qualities no longer according to the technical parameters, but above all on those, much more relevant, of the aesthetic-expressive results. We found a significant expository clarity of the interpreter in the most peaceful and luminous moments of the Lisztian Consolations. The most complex and enigmatic Fantasia, quasi sonata has found strong and determined hands for a good work result that in the slightly redundant recording is not always easily readable. Valid the famous Love Dream. We recommend the purchase of the CD.

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