Award-winning in the Spring and Fall 2020 Global Music Awards international competitions, Ingrid Carbone receives three bronze medals: in March for her CD on Schubert “L’Enchantement Retrouvé” (the only Italian pianist awarded), in December for her CD dedicated to Liszt “Les Harmonies de l’Esprit” and for the live performance of Consolation n. 2 played in Konstanz, Germany (the only classical musician to receive two awards for two works).

Awarded at the “Worldwide Competition IBLA Grand Prize” in 2015, 2016 and 2017, the New York IBLA Foundation considered her among outstanding professionals who deserve the attention of the international public at large”, judging her “in reference to a standard of excellence at all times”. In addition, in 2016 the New York IBLA Foundation awarded her the Scarlatti Special Mention, in 2017 the Piano Special Mention. In 2015 she also won the First Prize at the International Music Competition “Erik Satie” in Lecce (Italy), and the Second Prize at the International Piano Competition “Città di Rocchetta” (Italy).

In 2020, the Conservatory of Music of Cosenza, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary celebration ceremony, selects Mrs Carbone as one of the brightest and most successful students that the Conservatory has had, and gives her a plaque “for her highly prestigious artistic activity“.

In November 2018 the label Da Vinci Publishing Japan relased the CD “Les Harmonies de l’Esprit”, Global Music Awards 2020, which was recorded on her personal grand piano Bechstein A228. It contains four compositions by Franz Liszt: Après une lecture du Dante: Fantasia quasi SonataLiebestraum n. 3Consolations (six pensée poétiques) and Légende n. 2 (St. François de Paule marchant sur les flots). Among them, the recording of all the six Consolations together and of the Légende n. 2 is very rare, as well as very rare are the occasion to listen them during a recital. The CD has been broadcasted by Radio Rai 3 (during the radio broadcast Primo Movimento and Piazza Verdi, where she played live in 2019), Radio Svizzera Italiana, Radio Popolare, Radio Classica and Radio Marconi, and received a critical unanimous consent.

The new CD “L’Enchantement Retrouvé”, Global Music Awards 2020, was recorded on a grand piano Bechstein Model D from Fabbrini Collection. The CD, containing the four Impromptus op. 90 and the six Moment Musicaux op. 94 by Franz Schubert, was released on February 2020 with the label Da Vinci Publishing, Japan. The CD was broadcast by Rai Radio 3 Primo Movimento, Radio Classica, Rete Toscana Classica (in full), Radio Svizzera Italiana, and had unanimous critical acclaim, in Italy and abroad. Numerous articles and interviews were published after Ingrid Carbone received the Global Music Awards, including the interview at Piazza Verdi, the renowned Radio Rai 3 program.

In 2018 she was awarded the XXI edition of the Prize “La città del sole” (section Art) by the Rotary International Association “La città del sole”.

In 2017 the International Federation of Professional and Business Women – FIDAPA – BPW  Italy (Rende) also awarded her the biennial prize “Donna del Sud” for her artistic value. Because of this prize, Donata Marrazzo (journalist for the Italian newspaper Sole24Ore) published the “portrait” on CalabriaCult: Schubert, Liszt and Mathematics: a portrait of an Aristotelian piano soloist. In the same year, she appeared in the movie-documentary “Italian genius under the stars”, which has been presented at Venice Film Festival: the soundtrack uses her interpretations of some Liszt compositions. In addition, the quarterly Calabria nel Mondo (Calabria in the World) dedicated her a four-page service on the third issue of 2017 entitled “Ingrid Carbone: a Calabrian pianist, an artist of rare ability“.

Mrs Carbone has performed for several associations, foundations, theaters and conservatories of music as soloist in Austria, China, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Poland, Spain, Slovenia, amd with orchestra and in duo with violin. In Spring 2019 she went to China invited to play, give masterclasses and lectures to piano teachers.

Beside the concert activity, Mrs Carbone is interested to spread musical knowledge: she has in her agenda several lecture – concerts, among them the last ones where given for Roma3Orchestra Foundation (Rome) and Institute Foundation Liszt (Bologna). She is also very engaged in social.

In 2018 Mrs Carbone has founded the Musical Association “Clara Schumann” (of which she is the President), that organized in 2020 the Calabria International Piano Festival.

She has been invited to be a jury member of international piano competitions and jury member for Piano Diplomas at the Conservatory of Music of Bari (Italy).

Mrs Carbone began her musical education in Italy, at the Conservatory of Music of Cosenza, her home town, where she studied with Maria Laura Macario and Flavio Meniconi, and achieved her piano Diploma at the age of nineteen with Francesco Monopoli. There she studied Composition, too.

She attended several Master Classes in Italy and abroad at prestigious academies and with renowned pianists: in Italy, she attended masterclasses with Lazar Berman, Aquiles delle Vigne, Eduardo Ogando, Hector Pell at the Accademia Musicale Curci (where she received the Diploma of Honour after an International Biennial Piano Master Course), Sergio Cafaro at the Accademia Musicale Pescarese and with Cristiano Burato.

Ingrid Carbone studied abroad with Aquiles delle Vigne in Brussels and at the Internationale Sommerakademie – Universität Mozarteum in Salzburg, and in Israel at the Tel-Hai International Piano Master Classes with Aquiles delle Vigne and Andrzej Pikul and had lessons with Emanuel Krasovsky and Ronan O’Hora (she was the only Italian participant among about sixty pianists from all over the world).

Mrs Carbone has a wide repertoire which runs from the baroque period (including Bach concertos with string orchestra) to the 20th century.

Eclectic personality, she graduated summa cum laude in Mathematics at the University of Calabria (Italy) at age 21. She moved to the University of Bari (Italy) when she became Assistant Professor in Mathematics at age 27. She is the author of articles, published by international journals, and was invited to give talks and conferences in Europe and at the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences in Toronto (Canada). Currently, she is Assistant Professor at the University of Calabria, where she teaches mathematics and where she also was the President of the Scientific Library for some years.